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Juniper AP33-WW

Juniper AP33 High Performance 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) 5GHz : 4×4 : 4SS, 2.4GHz : 2×2 : 2SS, Driven by Mist AI Automates Network Operation ● 1 x 100/1000Base-T, 2.5GBase-T (802.3bz); RJ45; PoE PD ● 1 x 10/100/1000Base-T; RJ45 ● Internal Antenna ● World Domain ● Highest Supported Data Rates 3.0 Gbps
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Thiết bị Juniper Wireless Access Point AP33

Model AP33-WW
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), including support for OFDMA, 1024-QAM, MU MIMO, Target Wake Time (TWT), Spatial Frequency Reuse (BSS Coloring). Backwards compatibility with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Combined Highest Supported Data Rates 3.0 Gbps
2.4 GHz 2×2 : 2 802.11b/g/n/ac up to 400 Mbps data rate; 2×2 : 2 802.11ax up to 575 Mbps data rate
5 GHz 4×4 : 4 802.11ax up to 2,400 Mbps data rate
MIMO Operation Four spatial stream Single User (SU) MIMO for up to 2,400 Mbps wireless data rate to individual 4×4 HE80
Four spatial stream Multi User (MU) MIMO for up to 2,400 Mbps wireless data rate to up to four MU-MIMO capable client devices simultaneously
Dedicated Third Radio 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WIDS/WIPS, spectrum analysis, synthetic client and location analytics radio
Internal Antennas Two 2.4GHz omni-directional antennas with 5 dBi peak gain
Four 5GHz omni-directional antennas with 6 dBi peak gain
Bluetooth 5.0 vBLE 16-element Directional Antenna Array + Omni Bluetooth Antenna
Beam Forming Transmit Beamforming and Maximal Ratio Combining
Power Options 802.3at PoE, 802.3bt PoE
Dimensions 202 x 202 x 44 mm (7.95 x 7.95 x 1.73 in)
Weight 0.98 kg (2.16 lbs) excluding mount and accessories
Operating Temperature Internal antenna: 0° to 40° C
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing
Operating Altitude 3,048m (10,000 ft)
USB USB2.0 support interface
Eth0 100/1000Base-T, 2.5GBase-T (802.3bz); RJ45; PoE PD
Eth1 10/100/1000Base-T; RJ45
Reset Reset to the factory default settings
Indicators One multi-color status LED

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